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Join the 1000’s of students who have already taken the course and hold a certificate in the Responsible Sale of Alcohol.

Retailers and category brand owners from across the globe came together in 2015 to create a voluntary Code of Conduct for the Responsible Sale of Alcohol in Duty Free. Over 100 companies have signed up to the Code, including most of the industry’s leading retailers and brands.

The industry specific code addresses the unique nature of alcohol sales in the highly regulated duty free and travel retail channel: allowance restrictions, international travellers often unfamiliar with local languages and laws, virtually no unaccompanied minors in stores, etc.

A training course, already taken by thousands of students, provides practical guidelines on the implementation of the Code in Duty Free and Travel Retail Stores.

Course Structure

  • Section 1 – defines what Responsible Sale of alcohol means in the duty free and travel retail industry
  • Section 2 – identifies the sales-persons’ responsibilities under the code in relation to sales, promotion and marketing
  • Section 3 – identifies some customers that might require special care and attention and provides tips on how the interact with such customers
  • Section 4 – applies strategies for retailing at the four key stages of the sales process
  • Section 5 – gives tips on how to engage in respectful conversations that promote positive outcomes

On completion of the course students will

  • understand why a specific Code of Conduct has been developed for duty free and travel retail and its contents
  • be able to set out the store with clear communication on pricing and promotions, and inform the customer on customs and security limits
  • know how to conduct sampling activities in line with industry best practice
  • learn how to navigate the four stages of the sales process to ensure optimal outcomes for the customer and the retailer
  • gain valuable tips on dealing with different shopper profiles and how to manage potentially troublesome customers

The course is offered Free of Charge.

Course Duration approx. 20 minutes

The Course is accredited by the DFWCA.

Register for the Course in English
Register for the Course in Spanish
Register for the Course in French

For corporate registration please contact

The Course is accredited by the DFWCA and has been created with the support of Brown Forman Global Travel Retail and Bacardi.

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